IMPLANET is a worldwide rapidly growing and innovative manufacturer of premium quality dental implants and related products. Our implants can be found in Tens of thousands healed patients around the world. Our Company is based in Israel, manufactures and distributes Dental products for professionals in both domestic and international markets, developed according to local and international standards.

We strive to offer our customers the best value for their money along with fast and reliable service.

› Creating wide variety of dental implants and related products, ensuring functional & aesthetical solutions, considering the long term and high success rate of the implant.
› Allowing each dental proffesional to use High quality innovative product at an affordable price.
› Create a wide variety of products compatible to all major brands.
› Continuous improvement and adherence to technological innovation and creativity.
› Production of technological products based on simplicity and long-term benefits to the doctor and the patient.

IMPLANET manufactures a wide variety of Dental implants and related products, as well as using extremely innovative clean-green surface treatment, one switching platform for all diameters components which enable the Doctor to maintain minimal inventory of prosthetic elements.

The company sees its customer satisfaction at the highest priority and believes in providing support and comprehensive service. We are working constantly to provide information and training to distributors and customers in order to foster a tradition of ad-lasting quality and excellence.

IMPLANET is committed to the highest level of accuracy and quality control to Produce the Best possible implants and related products. The company’s products comply with All the requirements of medical devices standards.
Our products are medical ISO 13485-2013 & CE 1023 approved